About our company & team

The Firm…

Gunse Leafs is a Spices & Herbs company based in Mersin and Hatay provinces / Turkey, that serving to provide the highest quality from the nature to human usage. Having acted with a philosophy of quality and service, GUNSE LEAFS has made a principle always to present consumable products in comfort for the customers and especialy for the end users.

Gunse Leafs is taking firm steps towards branding today. In addition, Gunse Leafs company is doing new studies for the launch of packaged products.

The Founder…

Experienced Contract Specialist with a proven background in the food manufacturing industry. Specialized in Production and Processing, Purchasing and Sales Management, and Export and International Trade. Strong and professional with a Communication License from Eastern Mediterranean University focused on Corporate Public Relations and Advertising.

Our adventure continues with Mert Yalçın, who has been dealing with herbs and spices , pulses since 2005. Our newly growing company made its first export to Dubai.

Gunse Yaprak…

Our country ranks first in laurel production. It meets 90 percent of laurel production in the world. The company started producing spices and various local products and became a reliable producer and exporter in its own sector.

With the strength we receive from our own land, we will continue to supply healthy and fresh spices and herbs in the future as in the past.

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