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Gunse Leafs also conducts detailed studies on introducing herbs and spices to the world, with the work that guides the identification of useful herbs and spices in our country.


The importance of using quality seeds in vegetative production and the efficiency of using quality seeds increases the seed yield by 20-30% depending on other production conditions.

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Cereals are among the most cultivated plant groups in the world. Since ancient times, all They have formed the main food source of humans on the continents.

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With the strength we get from our own land, we continue to supply healthy fresh spices and legumes in the future as in the past.

Laurel Leaves

Laurel Leaf, carefully selected from the Mediterranean region, bay leaves are very beneficial for human health.


Sage, which has a soft and sweet taste, is a very healthy plant known for its vitamins specific to the Mediterranean.


Closely related to marjoram, of which it is the wild equivalent, oregano has a coarser, more robust flavour with a hint of thyme, and a warm aroma.

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Bay leaves is a plant of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, which has been widely used since Ancient Greek and Roman Periods. Aegean and Mediterranean dishes have a characteristic feature by being flavored with the aromas of bay leaves. With its scent and pleasant flavors, the use of bay leaves, which is becoming more and more common today, has even entered the kitchens of famous chefs.

Also known for its medicinal and aromatic properties, this plant is frequently used not only in food but also in cosmetics and health sectors. Besides its concrete usage, there are some meanings attributed to laurel leaves.

Bay leaves symbolize success and hope, and burning it like incense at home is a common habit to relieve stress.


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The story of the bay leaf

Speaking of the Ancient Greek and Roman period, you know the Laurel tree. It is a very beautiful tree with fragrant leaves. Daphne tree has a story as beautiful as its scent.


Daphne, that is Defne, is the daughter of the river god Peneus and is a nymph famous for her beauty. Apollo is the son of Zeus and he is a very good archer. One time Apollo quarrels with cupid Eros. You know Eros is a god who makes people fall in love with each other with the arrows he fires. Apollon despises Eros’ archery. Resentful of this, Eros decides to take revenge on Apollo.

One day Apollo sees Daphne while wandering in the forest. Daphne is so beautiful that Apollo cannot resist this beauty; very affected. Seeing this, Eros thinks it is time to take his revenge.

He prepares two arrows, one gold and one lead. He throws the golden arrow at Apollan and makes him fall in love with Daphne. He throws the bullet arrow at Daphne, causing him to hate Apollan.

Apollo falls in love with Daphne so much that he can no longer live without seeing him. However, he hates Daphne as much as he loves Daphne. After that day, Apollo chases and Daphne escapes. Whatever Apollo does, he cannot persuade Daphne. Daphne continues to run away. However, when he gets tired, he has to stop. When he stops, he asks his father to help him rescue him from Apollo to get rid of Apollo. His father uses his transformative ability and turns Daphne into a tree.

Seeing this, Apollo is both very surprised and cries of sorrow. After that day, Apollo accepts the laurel tree as sacred. He wears his leaves in his hair as a crown.

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The leaves of the laurel tree are also used to honor a victory.

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